The Baetulona project shows the 100 most important moments in history of the city of Badalona immortalized in an impressive time line building of 100 meters long and 1,5 high, visualised by 100 design studios all over the world. Every designer/studio made an image of 1m x 1,5m. The illustration I made is about the first highway that was build in 1962 and finished in 1968 from Barcelona to the city of Montgat. I got inspired by the film poster of "Attack of the 50ft. Woman". Badalona got split in two parts because of the highway and the construction had a mayor impact on life in the city. The looping represents the thrill of a rollercoaster ride to have 5 km of Highway for the first time. The road has a female name hence the giant woman.
The final piece
A screenshot of the project in c4d.
The first setup.

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